Down the Rabbit Hole

Live concert & theater show with Verdonck’s new mobile installation and live music by Mauro Pawlowski!

Premiere 2, 3, 4 June 2022 at Bourla, Antwerp

02/6/2022Bourlaschouwburg premièreAntwerpTickets

09/8/2022Boulevard FestivalDen Bosch (NL)Tickets
10/8/2022Boulevard FestivalDen Bosch (NL)Tickets
11/8/2022Boulevard FestivalDen Bosch (NL)Tickets
12/8/2022Boulevard FestivalDen Bosch (NL)Tickets
13/8/2022Boulevard FestivalDen Bosch (NL)Tickets

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For Kunst aan de Maas and Z33, Benjamin Verdonck explores the Maas valley on foot. Along the way he collects objects that tell something about the area, from stones and seeds to plastic containers and lost jewelry. He treats these everyday ‘things’ as a kind of relics, which he presents in a unique way in various chapels in the Maas valley.

27/6/2022 > 15/09/2023MuseumkerkRekeminfo

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Regenboog + Waldeinsamkeit

Two viewing boxes on one evening: Waldeinsamkeit, a baroque miniature with faded colours, little hatches that open and close, light, darkness and a whole lot of strings. Rainbow, the latest newcomer in Verdonck’s ever-growing repertoire of mobile theater shows.

11/6/2022PAFF Festival Leeuwarden (NL)Tickets
12/6/2022PAFF FestivalLeeuwarden (NL)Tickets

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A viewing box that can engage a larger or smaller audience by day or night, inside or out, without beginning or end.
A well-versed recipe of a great many strings, accompanied by a live musician.

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A collaboration with artist Guy Rombouts for the exhibition Dingen/des choses/stuff in the MAS Museum Antwerp.
On view from 1 June 2020 till 6 June 2022 at the MAS Antwerp

1/6/2020 > 1/06/2022MASAntwerpinfo

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