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For the occasion of the selection of Wereldtournee in Antwerpen for Het TheaterFestival!, Benjamin Verdonck will present the new Continuum to the festival. Colorful surfaces on swaying shutters that roll on and off and effortlessly come and go. A viewing box that can engage a larger or smaller audience by day or night, inside or out, without beginning or end. A well-versed recipe of a great many strings, accompanied by a live score by Stef Kamil Carlens.

During his Wereldtournee in Antwerpen (World tour in Antwerp), Benjamin Verdonck travels with a tiny theater box from laundry room to residential center, from front door to balcony. In the box are small objects that he can easily take with him and show to people. A ‘world tour’, but in Antwerp, based on the idea that you can discover the whole world in one city. Armed with small wooden boxes, he lands on Antwerp streets and squares. There he speaks to people to show them how a little fox and a piece of sausage emerge from them. Or he awakens colorful geometric figures to life to music by Philip Glass. Whether in the street or on the big stage, Verdonck creates an imaginative and imaginative space on pocket-size.

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