Het houten ezeltje (The little wooden donkey)

What initially was meant to be a lecture
in response to the publication of even i must understand it,
Benjamin Verdonck’s latest book,
turned into a new piece
called Het houten Ezeltje
(The little wooden donkey).

A playful guide to the winding track between studio and stage, including stories, photos, films, a little theatre in a box, a cat and music.


written in big letters
on bertolt brecht’s desk
was the phrase
the truth is concrete
at the corner of his desk
stood a little wooden donkey
with a sign around its neck
and even I must be able to
understand it
does such a thing as truth exist
something undeniable
something for which I will fight
for which I will make art


5.03.2019 — 20:30, Theater Kikker Utrecht (NL)
6.03.2019 — 20:30, Theater Kikker Utrecht (NL)


More info: www.toneelhuis.be