Liedje voor Gigi (Song for Gigi)

A house, shadows, doors that open and close again.

A staged installation, a theater performance, a concert, in which Benjamin Verdonck is the sceneshifter who sets the images in motion, only to become lost within them.

A children’s song, accompanied live on stage by two musicians, Bram Devens and Tomas De Smet.


“The unresolved tension between the charm of the miniature theatre and stories about the slow disaster of growing up in a confusing world makes Liedje voor Gigi deeply moving.” – Pieter T’Jonck in De Morgen , 22 January 2018

“Meanwhile, Verdonck operates the panels and bolts of a miniature theatre in which new perspectives and vistas continually arise. Nothing is what it seems in this peep show/magic box: an endless ballroom vanishes into a black hole; a red surface becomes an illusion of the Big Bang. It’s a constant coming and going of colours, shapes and light, pulling you in like a Mark Rothko painting. You give yourself over to Verdonck’s unhurried magic.”- Alexander Hiskemuller in Trouw **** , 25 January 2018

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