Lonely Hearts Club Band (c) Kurt Van der Elst

with a little help from my friends

Within You Without You
a life size mobile and a little dance

A Day in the Life
Vogueing away

For Guy Cassiers’ farewell show each of the Toneelhuis makers chose one song from The Beatles’ legendary album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – and did their own thing with it, of course. At the start of the show, the record is put on and 50 minutes later all of them will have passed in review: Mokhallad Rasem, FC Bergman, Olympique Dramatique, Benjamin Verdonck, Lisaboa Houbrechts, Bosse Provoost, Hannah De Meyer, Timeau De Keyser, Guy Cassiers, the ladies from the reception desk, the technical team, the departments of communication, production and audience acquisition, the ladies and gents from the administration, the ladies and gents from the costume and decor workshop and the stray cat that has been living under the stage apron for weeks now, and so far has only been heard…