Benjamin Verdonck


box of 24 small works by Benjamin Verdonck
200 copy limited edition
the first 100 copies are signed and numbered by the artist

Published by Toneelhuis
Languages  NL
ISBN 9789076734347
Price 25.00 euro

On sale at the ticket office of Toneelhuis (Orgelstraat 7, Antwerp)
and at Copyright Bookshop Antwerp and Ghent (no online purchase of the edition as it is too fragile for post delivery)

Online purchases via the Toneelhuis bookshop


“In the summer of 2016, four families, including mine, moved out of Antwerp to the rural town of Kapellen. This move took away the daily stimulus I used to get from what I came across in the city streets. Now our living room is my studio. This edition is a compilation of small works, taken from a series that I started making since then and reveals my attempt to shift focus from the streets towards what is going on around my worktable.”

Part of this Kapellen series was seen in AREN, my show which premiered on 10 January 2019 at the Bourla Theatre in Antwerp. The title refers to the gleaner who walks behind the harvesters and picks up the remaining gleanings on the field. There are two parts to the show. In the first, I present found objects in constantly changing arrangements. In the second part, I read a list of unrealized ideas to the audience.
This edition presents a selection from one of the collections I used in the first part. The script of AREN was published by Bebuquin in the Toneelhuis series.


First on sale on 19 October at Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair
and on 25 & 26 October in V36 for the occasion of vier keer verdonck

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On sale in the Toneelhuis bookshop
or at an upcoming Aren performance