even I must understand it

Benjamin Verdonck


Published by MER. Paper Kunsthalle & Toneelhuis
Languages  NL, EN
ISBN 9789076734323
Price 29.00 euro

Between 2015 and 2017, Benjamin Verdonck realised a series of installations, actions, miniature shows and activities in which he tries to address the absence of a public debate on the inevitable changes gradually taking place in our ecosystem.  Working title for this cycle was  EVEN I MUST UNDERSTAND IT. His actions took different shapes throughout the process, like a representation, a lecture, an exhibition or an installation in public space.

This book is a compilation of the work produced within this two-year project, touching upon the question of art and/as activism.


See also:

Het houten Ezeltje

What initially was meant to be a lecture in response to the publication of even i must understand it, turned into a new piece called Het houten Ezeltje (The little wooden donkey).


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All artists are alike
they dream of doing something
that’s more social,
more collaborative
and more real
than art.

Dan Graham